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Remote Microphone Extension Unit
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รายละเอียดสินค้า TOA RM-210S



RM-210 Remote Microphone Extension Unit



  • The RM-210 is an extension unit for increasing the number of function keys of TOA's RM-200M, RM-200XF and RM-200X Remote Microphones.


Current Consumption 20mA max. (in terms of RM-200M's DC power input 75mA max. (interms of DC power inputs of RM-200X and RM-200XF)
Connection Connection to RM-200M, RM-200X or RM-200XF by way of dedicated Cable
Number of Function Keys 10
Function When used to expand the RM-200M:
Selects and activates the Voice Announcement Board messages.
When used to expand the RM-200X and RM-200XF (PC software setting):
Emergency activation, emergency reset, BGM pattern selection, EV message activation, broadcast zone selection, monitor zone selection, chime activation, Talk switch activation, control output activation, input volume adjustment, zone volume adjustment, and failure output indication and reset.
Finish ABS resin, bluish gray (PANTON 538 or its equivalent)
Dimensions 110 (W) x 76.5 (H) x 215 (D)mm
Weight 350g
Accessory Extension cable x 1, Linkage bracket A x 1, Linkage bracket B x 1, Screw for linkage bracket x 12


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